My New Old Model Chromecast

Posted by Boffill Thursday, December 10, 2015

So, I’m sure to some it’s an old gadget to brag about but I’m new to this and this is my first time using it. I heard about Chromecast when a friend of mine posted it on his Facebook that he has one. I inquired everything about it but didn’t really think of owning one because I don’t have a TV yet in my room back then. That was like a year ago from today. Last week, this friend of mine posted a new photo of his Chromecast 2, the latest model and I was still curious about it so I inquired about it again. After doing a little bit of research about it, I think I’ll love this little HDMI Dongle because I really love to watch movie on my TV with my Pioneer Home Theatre attached to it. This very friend of mine told me that he has a spare one but the 1st generation of Chromecast that is. It didn’t really bothered me owning an old model because I love the idea of not connecting my laptop directly to my TV via HDMI, a wireless connection between them is cool. So, after I sent him the money, my New Old Model Chromecast arrived and immediately tried it. Setting it up was easy, you just have to connect your Android Phone or iPhone and your Chromecast to the same network and set your WLAN Password and that’s it, you can enjoy watching Youtube videos or videos saved on your local disk, streaming music, viewing photos and etc. So, all I can say is that it’s a good deal buying a Chromecast dongle if you enjoy watching movies a lot. Just last night, I tried the one month free trial of iFlix (well, we don’t have Netflix here in the Philippines) and everything seems to be working fine with them and the Chromecast. So, if you love to watch movie and have the feeling that it’s a bit of a hassle connecting laptop to the TV or maybe plugging in a USB Stick to the TV, Chromecast is a good buy for you people. Thanks and Cheers!