Tinago Falls

Posted by Boffill Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'd like to show you guys and gals the one of a kind waterfalls that you can see in Biliran Island. It is called Tinago Falls, maybe because this falls is practically hidden in the middle of a quasi-jungle. The breathtaking place is actually differet from the other common falls that you can see in some other places. Before you can reach the bottom of the falling waters, you need to pass by first a group of large rocks. It is dangerous because the rocks are too lubricated that as if the water has grease. So you need to bring with you enough care in stepping o that large rocks. The experience is worth it since I went there with my uncle and my cousins where I can really feel that I am really a Kuya. Taking care of my cousins are not easy since some of them are aged 3-5y/o. Even if sometimes I feel like I am also a chaperone there, its still ok since spending time with my family in this very fantastic place is priceless.


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