Just Saved A Doctor's Life

Posted by Boffill Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saving someone else's life is very fulfilling. I felt like I was a very big hero this afternoon when I saved a Doctor's life. It all started when the family of Bernardes' went to Higatangan Island to unwind. Higatangan Island is boasting fine white sand and of course, their tourist spot, the Shifting Sandbar. First we went at the back part of the island where you can see the rock formation. We spent hours and hours of swimming there and then suddenly, my Uncle decided that we check the Shifting Sandbar if it’s already visible. So we packed things up and went to that side of the Island but to no avail, Shifting Sandbar is still hiding. It wasn't only my family who are there enjoying the sea water under the heat of the sun. There are different groups from Naval and a group of tourists from Cebu.
Me and My Cousin at the Shifting Sandbar

 I and my cousin went to the middle of the Sandbar. It’s as if you are walking in the middle of the sea. That's the beauty of the Shifting Sandbar but the cos is that the force of the current is very heavy that it will pull you in the middle of the sea where you can't be able to tiptoe on the sand. Locals even said that there are whirlpools on that side sometimes. Then there's this man who was trapped on the water that he cannot swim back to the side. The water is pulling him off. We were all scared but that didn't stop me from doing something just to save him. I pulled the life jacket my niece is using and threw it over to the man. Swam towards him and pulled him over to the side. I really had a hard time pulling him back because he's too heavy and the water is pulling us. Good thing my cousin was there and threw a rope on us. After a few minutes, people were rescuing the man and I felt relieved watching him standing like nothing bad really happened to him. It really made us feel like a hero saving the man's life. My cousin, our friend and I are the hero of the day. We talked to the man and later he said that he was a Doctor from Cebu and their colleague who brought them to the Island was our family friend.